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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Hi there!

I am an artist from Norway, currently studying Illustration at the University of Falmouth, in the United Kingdom.

Ive been working towards becoming a recognized illustrator and concept artist for a couple of years now, I have many years ahead of me, and a lot to learn but, Im happy to upload what Ive done so far.

I draw much inspiration from artists like J scott Campbell and Matt Rhodes.

I also like to play guitar and express my self whenever I can. I hope you will get in touch if you like my style, if you want to collaborate or hire me.

Personal Quote: to figure things out for your self, is sometimes the only freedom you have, use that freedom, make up your own mind..

Here are some places you can follow me:






My Portfolio:

Is there a thing you miss seeing from me? Please comment and tell me what YOU like 

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Christmas is indeed a time to sit and reflect.
I find it easier to open up and share in my journals here, perhaps because Ive already put out so much authentic artwork over the years, but I dont expect anyone to read it or engage with it. Its a good way of just getting my thoughts out there. 

After being very active for a couple of months, I feel the inevitable need to be in solitude, perhaps to contemplate what Ive learned and look forward to the new year with new found intelligence and inspiration. If it wasn't for the thing being processed right now, is a thing I feel is very difficult to address, its much easier to pave over it and forget about it, but its always there, and in every action I make. 

Rejection. And the fear of Rejection. 

I could rationalize this and understand that its normal to be fearful of being Rejected, but I have come to notice a pattern over the years and it has taken hold in my personality and it has crystalized in my actions in such a way, that I feel a little crazy. So much of what I do is to avoid rejection.

I dont think its only in love, I think its present in work ( perfectionism ), job interviews, its procrastination of the inevitable failure at the thing I feel gives my life The most meaning and happiness! 

Ive come to understand that Love and also falling in love, is some of the most important and beautiful aspects in life, its what I feel gives my life most flavor, meaning and most highs but also most lowes.
There are important things of course, like my family, friends, career, work, fun, having good conversations, but Love, intimacy and Romance has always been important for me. It might be, because of how scarce it has been over the years.

Ive made many attempts, a lot of giving my heart away over the years, but Ive slowly come to expect rejection almost as a way to ease the inevitable disappointment that follows, in my pursuit of what I cherish and love. And this also in a way, feels like it has so deep roots in my personality at this point. I am uncertain how to be the best version of my self whenever I need it the most, whenever I need to make a good impression on someone I am deeply in love with. 

A lot of guys quit, the become resentful of life and woman, and rather spend their time with video games and porn. Perhaps to try to soothe the wounds that rejection inflicts. I have also done this, with my comic about Madikken. That was a way for me to escape the reality of how awful it is to deal with rejection, to deal with feelings and being disappointed.

to deal with the suffering of being even. "Life is suffering" as the Buddhist mantra goes, but I dont want to run away from it anymore.
I Dont know what to do but to continue to try. To avoid the pitfalls of resentment and anger. 
Perhaps this is why The buddhists want no attachment, because of the suffering in this life can take to much hold in a person and make them into a tyrant. 

All I want is to feel is Attachment. Deep, whole hearted attachment in my love for someone, being honest, alive, present and intimate, and never giving up on the things that are important for me. I want to have that in my life. 

I want to make 2017 the year I refuse to be afraid of being afraid.
And the year I continue to give my heart away.

Merry christmas, happy new year


As I am starting university I am going to log off Deviant Art for some time guys. I need a big break from Deviant Art.

I have my EvenSkarangerArt Facebook page. You know where to find me. 
Madikken the Milkmaid
Hardcover Photoshoot from today!
Madikken - Photoshoot Hardcover Print 1 by EskarArtCheck out this little bohemian hiding spot, in the summer forest.
Madikken - Photoshoot Hardcover Print 2 by EskarArtCloseup on the hardcover in the grass
Madikken - Photoshoot Hardcover Print 5 by EskarArtSketch and Finnish product, side by side

Madikken - Photoshoot Hardcover Print 4 by EskarArtBefore and after

Madikken - Photoshoot Hardcover Print 3 by EskarArt
Beautiful poetry.

New Tumblr theme going on!

892c6896f077519893f9931265688710 by EskarArt

Right now, one of the things Im most interested in is; rediscovering the way to approach art, my relationship with it. 

One of the things I am looking forward to during my time in university, is to really break it all down and build it up, perhaps re-invent my self and my artwork in the process. 

And I thought what better way to start this process by really start blogging about everything I love. Everything from Architecture, Interior design, Art Inspiration, animals, people, spirituality and philosophy etc etc. 

Just getting a nice collection of things I want to integrate in this new artistic style.

There are many Images here I do not own, and do not claim to be the creator of, I will be mindful to reference all artists, but much of the content is simply meant to inspire.


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